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Rozhovor Naměstka Ministra Zahraničí
Českomalinská 7/20
160 00Praha 6
Telefon: 220410811

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Prague.

If you decide to visit my beloved country, Syria, the cradle of civilization, discover important places, taste delicious food and enjoy the warm atmosphere and generosity of the locals, then I would like to invite you to get acquainted with general tourist and consular information. Our consular section will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

With warm greetings, I would like to welcome our Syrian citizens who reside in the Czech Republic or are planning to visit. We will be delighted to welcome you and provide you with all information and support.

Please visit our website to learn more about consular matters according to your interest.

If you wish to obtain information about useful websites, investment opportunities in Syria, education, tourism, Silk Road Festival and other cultural festivals, or to obtain information about Syrian-Czech relations, please do not hesitate to visit our homepage or contact our embassy at any time during these business hours.

I hope that this website will contribute to the strengthening and deepening of relations between Syria and the Czech Republic, as well as to a better understanding and building bridges between the people of Syria and the friendly people of the Czech Republic.

Yours truly


©2010 The Embassy of Syria in Prague
Českomalinská 7/20
160 00 Praha 6
Česká Republika

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