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It is my pleasure to welcome you on the webpages of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Prague.

If you would like to visit my loved country, Syria, the cradle of civilization, tha land of the first alphabet, to be introduced into the pre-historical monuments and ruins in Ugarite, Ebla, Mari, Palmyra, Bosra, Maloula, Damascus, the Omayyad capital, Aleppo, etc. To visit the Castles and Fortresses of the Middle Ages and to closely observe the tolerance, intimacy and generosity of the Syrian people. I take the pleasure to invite you to be informed about the touristic and consular information available on our website. The consular section in the embassy will be pleasured to provide you with all needed details.

It is also my pleasure to welcome the syrian expatriates and residents who study or work in the  Czech Republic or those who would like to visit it. We would be glad to provide you with all useful information.

You can visit our website if you have the desire to get information about the useful links related to investment, education, tourism, festivals such as the silk-road or other cultural activities, or even obtain information about the syrian-czech relations.

You can also visit our embassy during the office-hours to have the necessary information. 

I hope the webpages will help consolidate and deepen relations between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Czech Republic, improve and build ties and bridges of harmony and friendship as well as between the citizens in both Syria and Czech Republic.


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